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Holographic Kinetics Practitioner Metaphysical Healer Holistic Teacher

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"I have cleared hundreds of spaces from a multitude of negative energies that can dramatically affect the harmony in your home or success of your business venture. Whether it be from previous occupants (as a build-up of stressful thoughts, arguments or fears of failure) or past businesses operating out of the premises."

Over the years, people have come to me with the following concerns since moving into a new home or space.

  • "I am seeing unusual things out the corner of my eye."
  • "I feel there is an eerie presence in my house."
  • "Things are moving around without me touching anything."
  • Electronic devices flash on and off – or devices start without me turning them on.
  • Bad nightmares and freaky dreams that are worse than usual.
  • Feeling of being touched in my sleep or held down (like sleep paralysis).

  • House pets such as cats or dogs reacting to things with their senses.
  • "There is a spirit or entity in my home haunting it".
  • "I can hear my children or housemates talking to something in their sleep."
  • "I see ‘beings’ with red eyes at night time."
  • "I have seen shadows and things move in front of me – or even materialise."

Space Clearing Negative Energy using the Holographic Kinetics technique

James Pask will surrogate the space - a home or office into a person (a third party) using Holographic Kinetics, a technique that has been shown to dramatically improve the space's energy vibration



James works with the Metaphysical world

You, your family, your land, your animals, your business and your house. James will draw from a multitude of different healing modalities and indigenous wisdom to make changes to the invisible world so that it can alter the visible world (or physical).

You can choose to connect with James via private sessions, online spiritual programs, webinars and resources such as meditations and books.


Certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner – based on Steve Richards Aboriginal Dreamtime modality
Russian Genome Healing Course (based on Russian miracle workers – Dr. Arcady Petrov and Gregori Grabavoi)
Seven Levels of Quest – Trained with Malcom Ringwalt in the 7 Vision Quest Journeys to Self-Mastery
Meditation Teachers Training Intensive
The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays
Seven (7) Years of Intuitive & Psychic Development Classes
Abundance Master Training
Holographic Kinetics – Teacher of several courses on behalf of Steve Richards (Creator and Founder) 2015-2017
Body Code and Emotions Code – Self paced study and member access based on Dr. Bradley Nelsons work
Kinergetics I & II & III – work of Phillip Rafferty
Psych-K Certified Facilitator – Transforming limiting beliefs
Spirit Dance Chakra Workshops
Crystal Healing Workshops
Don Tolman Weekend “Bootcamp for Brains” course
  • Gail (March 2018)

    Hi James, I really wanted to let you know how incredibly different the energy is now in the house so much so that I feel I'm floating & no longer pushing against the heavy negative black energy, it's just awesome. I also feel far more relaxed as everything unfolds so calmly. Cheers!

    Gail (March 2018)
  • Kiim, Real Estate Agent - Australia

    ​​​​​​​I called James in to do a space clearing on a home that I had up for sale (listing) that was not selling (which is unusual in the Sydney market where I am located). He did his ‘thing’ and within 2 weeks it sold. Prior to that people would come to the open home and walk in and walk out for months and months. When James explained to me what was going on energetically with the home and the land, it made complete sense why it wasn’t selling. I was blown away when James picked up that someone had been killed there 15 years ago ( which I never told him about as I had only recently been told by the old neighbor at the last open home) and that energy was affecting the sale.

    Thank you, James - if needed I will be calling on you again.

    Kiim, Real Estate Agent - Australia
  • Linda Bizon (2017)

    I was really drawn to having a house clearing with James & Debbie, and the shift in energy is amazing. The house isn’t as dark, feels like there’s more free space, it’s calmer and has a much more peaceful feel about it. What came up in the session was totally relative to what had been playing out here. James also taught me Holographic Kinetics when I first did the training. He’s brilliant at what he does and is a beautiful soul as well.

    Thank you, James & Debbie. Greatly appreciate your work and your beautiful spirits.

    Linda Bizon (2017)
  • Madison, Australia (2017)

    I just had to email you and say a huge thank you, you are a lifesaver. We were so scared there were taps turning off and on by themselves. A chair traveled across the room by its self, lights were flashing on and off and then a light bulb burst. I have always believed in ghost stories and haunted houses but this was full on and it was happening in my home, not just a story. At first, we got a lady to come and she smudged the place with white sage but that didn’t do a thing and it kept happening the next night. Then a local priest came and did a clearing and that also didn’t do anything… it all kept happening! Then I contacted you James and you were able to clear this from the other side of Australia. You called and told me that there was a ghost that was very upset doing all of this and that you cleared its trauma and moved it on. That night everything was back to normal and has been ever since. I can’t thank you enough.

    Madison, Australia (2017)
  • Sharon, USA

    I had James do a remote space clearing in my home as it just had not felt right for some time. In fact, if I think about it, it hadn’t felt good since we moved here. The family has been disconnected, fighting and my husband and I were at the lowest point ever in our marriage where we even discussed separating. James indicated that there was an energy in the house left by the previous owners that were contributing to our situation (they had moved out because they were getting a divorce) and all their fighting and disharmony had left a ‘break-up' energy in the house - and it was affecting us. I didn’t really think much of it at first (not sure how much I believed it to be honest) but almost instantly after James did the session, the energy, and mood changed in our house.

    I couldn’t believe it! It was like we were a different family (back to our old selves). Thank you, James – we are all so grateful! ”

    Sharon, USA
  • Tom, Australia (2017)

    James' Surrogate Session was amazing. Day 2 of moving into our new house, we had weird noises and movements going on. I would close all the doors and lock them every night, then the heater would come on 19 degrees and the doors would open. Something like this has never really happened to me and my partner so we organised a surrogate session through James.

    Amazingly, all negativity has stopped. When we found out a spirit was cleared from the house it made sense. What was more interesting was the era in which the spirit had died, as it was associated with the area where the house was built. The person had died on a horse and carriage, normally you would say “ok another same old era ghost story” - but the fact is the town I live in was once used as massive horse stables and was a frequent area for horse racing (James didn't know that). Nonetheless, it was a great benefit to have that spirit move on plus all the negative emotions still in the house from the previous tenants gone was great to know. Now we have a warm and peaceful house we call a home.

    Thank you, James and surrogate for the session.

    Tom, Australia (2017)