What does the space clearing negative energy session involve?

James Pask has a specific process that has a powerful impact. James will gather your list of issues or effects and he will perform a 3 step process: 1. He will surrogate the spirit of your space or home into that person and clear out the trauma, event or disturbance using universal law. 2. Once cleared, he will set up an energy grid around your home with a clear intention of nothing penetrating. 3 Lastly, he will provide you with a short video lesson on how to keep your space clean and clear so that you don’t invite anything else back in. You can watch James on video explain the process here.

Where are the space clearingsessions available?

Space clearings can be done anywhere in the world. James has developed a unique process that is done remotely and is more effective as the session is run outside of an affected area or space at home. As everything is energy and these negative energies and vibrations exists in the metaphysical (beyond physically) plane, it makes sense that an actual (physical) visit may not be required. James often requests to do space clearings after many other techniques have been used and failed to work long term.

How do I make sure my space stays clear and clean after the session?

As part of your booked session, you will receive (at no extra cost) FREE VIDEO series explaining how to maintain the metaphysical health of your home or office. This is important so you don’t attract any more negative energies

Once I book and page for a space clearing session, what are the next steps?

When we receive your order, we will be in touch to arrange a time when we can do the session. We will also request a list of issues and effects that you are experiencing so we can clear them in the session. If it is complicated, James can arrange to skype call you first. After the session is completed, you will receive a recording of the results and your free video series of How to keep your space clean and clear after the session. 'Hop deco' is a professional service that adapts to all budgets and all styles.